Darren The Foulds

Darren's Ringo Kit

Besides being impossible to nail down the exact configuration of any of Ringo's kits, Ringo had at least 4 kits he used throughout his Beatles career. So, to build a "Ringo Kit" is a best guess at building one of Ringo's kits. Instead, I'm going to build my kit based on the "best of" Ringo's kits and what I want in a kit. It will be a 2-up 1-down Maple Ludwig with Oyster Black Pearl.

The Tama SilverStar Birch

So, I found a Tama Silverstar on Kijiji that was too good of a deal to pass up on. So I didn't pass on it. I've added this kit to my Ringo Kit table below…

DrumHistoricMy Ideal
Ringo Kit
Snare 5.5"×14" 5"×14"Ludwig Jazz Festival 5"×14"
Tom 8"×12"9"×13" 8"×12"Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl 7"×10"
Low Tom9"×13" 9"×13"Added later to the Ludwig Hollywood Maple "Let it Be" kit8"×12"Similar to Ringo's “rack” tom
Floor Tom14"×14"16"×16" 16"×16 14"×16"
Bass 14"×20"14"×22" 14"×22" 18"×22"✓ (much deeper)
Hats 14" 14"Zildjian A's or Paiste cymbals. Tambourine atop the hats Planet Z (Zildjan) No tambourine (yet)
Crash 18" 18"4 rivet sizzle
Ride20" 20"Sometimes called a crash/ride
*Tama VP52KRS Specifications

I've got a page on cymbals too.